IMPACTING Families with HOPE

Basic Chaplain School – Colfax, NC


The Basic Chaplain Training Course includes:

What is a Chaplain?

Historical and legal foundation
Biblical bases for Chaplains
The Work of the Chaplain
Ministry Task
Military, Health-care, Agriculture, Workplace, Correctional & Prison, First-Responders, Schools- Educational Institutes and many other areas of service.

You the Chaplain

This is a 40 hour course, Monday through Friday 8am-5pm. Registration & Fees include all training materials.

School Cost: Individuals: $250 Couples: $450 (married)

NOTE: The Basic Chaplain Training Course only gives you the completion of school certificate. It does not credential you as a Chaplain. Credentialing requires meeting additional requirements to include; background checks both local and national, the application, letters of reference both personal and ministry, and the Chaplain questionnaire and your personal testimony. There is additional cost. You will need to budget approximately $250.00 WFM does have payment plans available. Our goal is to equip the men and women of God who want to serve to further His Kingdom by serving others.