IMPACTING Families with HOPE

Chaplains Jay & Brenda Swartz

Jay and Brenda WECT

 Let Brenda share her heart and how taking a passion she has to the extremes – to the point of making a life changing step.

“The over-all vision has always been there, just not clear through the years. Then when Jay was going through his medical board and all the craziness of life started happening at one time I felt lost in a fog but I always knew God had a plan for all this.

When Jay gave his life to Christ, was baptized and got settled here in Wilmington the fog started slowly lifting. God started preparing Jay and I. The last 18 months is a testament of how that has happened. For those of you who know Jay, you would not know him now. The miracle of my husband and how the love of Christ took him from a very tormented, frustrated, angry man to a calm, man of God who is full of joy is only a trans formation that Jesus can heal.

This journey that we have been on for years has brought us to the point of praying into and stepping out in faith for a call. It is on our hearts to start a restoring, healing ministry for our military and first responders. Especially the families. Restoring families, healing them. There is so much more to all of this. Our spouses, children, parents, extended families need to understand that there is HOPE! Our active and not active (medically retired, retired, the ones who just didn’t re-enlist ect..) need to know that they can be restored. They don’t have to be alone. Suicide and divorce rates among the military are out of control. There is HOPE….

Over the years I have been the “go to mom” for families and it still goes on today. The number of messages, phone calls, emails that I respond to fuels this passion to restore, heal and give encouragement. I pray for wisdom and discernment all the time. I have been there and God has taken what was sometimes hell and is now using it for good. I know how deep these wars have effected us. Not just with physical injuries but the mental and spiritual ones.

I am sharing some of this with you, my friends, fellow sister and brothers to ask you to look inside of yourself and know their is HOPE.”