IMPACTING Families with HOPE

The Prince & The Pauper part 2- 3/19/17

  • Foundational Truth: The message of the cross and the message of the resurrection must always be preached at the same time. The cross is the demonstration of Christ’s love. The resurrection is the demonstration of His power. As we see the revelation of Christ’s resurrection and truly live in it we will witness miracles, signs and wonders and the raising of the dead which will advance God’s Kingdom on earth.
  • The Cross is a known historical fact, but the resurrection must be revealed in the now.
    • 3- Jesus’s resurrection is the foundation and sustenance of Christianity. Acts 4:33
      • The resurrection is the only power for the transforming of the heart.
    • 4- If Christ had not been resurrected, our faith and message would be in vain. 1 Corinthians 15:14
    • When was the last time you preached or spoke about the resurrection?
      • In the book of Acts, we read of great manifestations of the power of God – extraordinary miracles that occurred as a result of the disciples preaching the resurrection of Christ. Acts is the Book of Miracles
    • 5- the resurrection validates and vindicates Christ as the Son of God Psalm 2:6-9
      • In the Bible, God’s laughter is always an expression of victory, never of humorous
      • Jesus’ resurrection confirms who He is.
        • The Apostle Paul never saw the resurrected Christ with his own eyes, through he did encounter Him in the brilliant light on the road to Damascus.
        • To Paul, the cross and the resurrection were not just historical events but realities on which to base one’s life and faith.
      • 6- Christ is the only one with a testimony of being raised from the dead. Revelation 19:10
        • Jesus was the first to be spiritually and physically raised from the dead. He was, He is and He will come again to earth as Victor. Revelation 4:8
        • No religious leader, prophet or philosopher could truthfully testify to having lived a sinless life, been raised from the dead and been glorified by God the Father. Everyone else is still dead; Buddha, Confucius, Muhammad, Karl Marx, Mahatma Gandhi and more. Their grave sites still contain them.
        • Jesus’ tomb is vacant. He lives! This fact places Jesus in a unique category. It also identifies Him and sets Him apart as God. Death, the tomb and hell could not hold Him. Acts 2:24 Satan is terrified of the testimony of the resurrection because he knows it has the power to overturn the kingdom of darkness.