IMPACTING Families with HOPE

The Prince & The Pauper Series 3/5/17

  • 1- The Kingdom of God is within you
    • Luke 12:32
      • No matter what the troubles or fears we may contend with in our lives, God has given us His kingdom, which shines powerfully in to the darkness of the world, sweeping away sickness, sin, demons, lack and even death.
    • Matthew 5:14, 16)
    • God’s sovereign government
      • Sovereign: God is in control. A monarch, person who has supreme power or authority.
      • God’s Kingdom: Jeremiah 32:17, Psalm 103:19 It is His sovereign government on earth. In the New Testament, the Greek word for “Kingdome” is basileia, which means “royalty, rule a realm,” (Strong G932) or a sovereignty, royal power” (NASC, G932). It is the foundation of power. (STRONG G935)
      • Sovereign: The kingdom from heaven – the Kingdom of God – is His realm and His foundation of power on earth. It is His dominion or lordship, in which He establishes His will here and now through the redeeming work of His Son Jesus Christ in the lives of His people.
      • EVERYTHING a Kind Rules is called his dominion or territory.
    • The Kingdom and His Church
      • The Kingdom of God is not the same thing as the church.
        • Jesus spoke of the Kingdom more than 100 times and only spoke of the church twice. Acts 1:3, Revelation 11:15
        • God gave all authority in heaven and on earth to Jesus. Matthew 28:18
        • The church is composed of those who have been redeemed through the death and resurrection of Jesus and who are called to expand His kingdom just as Jesus did when He was on this earth.
        • The church is not the kingdom but the agency through which the Kingdom is expanded.
      • Kingdom vs Castle: Most of us have more information about the doctrines and culture of our churches and denominations than we do about the Kingdom of God. Yet the church must be subject to the Kingdom. NO church or ministry should conduct itself according to it’s own agenda. We should always be govern by a kingdom mentality rather than a demonic mind-set.
      • The Kingdom of God/ the Kingdom of Heaven
        • The kingdom of heaven is the dominion of God.
          • The kingdom of heaven is invisible but it impacts the world as the Kingdom of God.
          • The kingdom of God is the atmosphere produced by our relationship of obedience and submission to Him.
            • Obedience: Love + Trust + Action (John 14:15
            • Submission: To yield to the power or authority of another.
          • Spiritual and emotional atmosphere of any given place is the result of relationships.
            • If we have a right relationship God the Father, we will establish and experience the spiritual atmosphere of heaven on earth.
          • In summary: The focus of this is the Kingdom of God – how God wants believers, as the church to continue to expand His reign on earth through our authority in King Jesus and our power in the Holy Spirit.
          • The Qualities of the Kingdom of God
            • 1- It is a supernatural Kingdom – John 18:36
              • The capital of God’s kingdom is heaven
              • It is the power of God exercising it’s influence on earth through the power of the Holy Spirit.
            • 2- It is the Kingdom of Power! 1 Corinthians 4:20
              • Every time we preach, there must be a visible demonstration of God’s power to heal the sick, deliver the captives and oppressed and save the lost. Matthew 4:23
                • Gospel: “good news” Every time Jesus preached, He demonstrated the power of the kingdom by miracles, signs, healings, and the casting out fo demons. (sickness, sin, demons, poverty and death)
              • 3- The Unshakable Kingdom
                • Hebrews 12:38
                • We are not shaken – Matthew 7:24-25
              • 4- The Kingdom experienced in the NOW Matthew 4:17
                • Jesus would speak of the kingdom in the here and now. Matthew 12:28. The eternal future.
                • The kingdom of God is not only for the forgiveness of sins and a future in heaven (fire insurance). Full repentance is a complete change of mind. It is the gateway into the kingdom that is infinite, eternal and has unlimited power.

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  1. Learning the power within ourselves are sometimes incomprehensible. We want The Father to do it all. We give up or we become lazy.

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