IMPACTING Families with HOPE

Ready! Set! Launch!

Dear friends and supporters of Warrior Family Ministries,

It’s been a long road to get where we are today and honestly, we would’t change a thing. God is so good when it comes to His perfect plan and His perfect timing.

We are excited to be sending out this blast to invite all of you to attend out LAUNCH! Yes, we’ve been up and running for a while – like a little over a year BUT this is the official “OPEN To Serve” occasion. We can’t wait to share with you all the great people and programs going on and how you have been an intricate part of it all with your prayers, information and financial support. Please plan to attend and meet all our leadership, hear about the programs and some of our future plans coming this year.

• Veteran Owned Veteran Grown – Bill O’Brien talks about our group of Veteran farmers and their families. How we now have produce, meats, honey, and eggs. How you can get these products and how it impacts their lives and our ministry.

• At Ease Interior Design – Ann Moore shares her insight on making homes a calmer place to be, family friendly and how the process of being picked for this ministry occurs. She will also share how important you are as a volunteer for these projects.

• Warrior Works – Mike Satorre tells you how assisting our men to have a purpose again with a job is a ministry all to itself. This program does commercial and residential landscaping…… above and beyond your highest expectations.

• Professional Counseling coming in July! With a psychologist who does hyperbaric and bio-feedback treatments for PTSD, ADD, ADHD and TBI’s joining our team of pastors and chaplains we are lowering the numbers on divorce and suicides.

• IMPACT – Kathy and Rendall Parker know how to hit the streets and impact a homeless veteran, family or person with a meal and a message. Whether it’s feeding homeless, preparing meals for shut-ins or need, loving on a young veteran who has lost his hope, organizing and implementing projects, they serve our community with love. Want to have a great impact on someone’s life? Then this is the place you need to engage.

• North Carolina Chaplain Corps: These Chaplains are IFOC trained and ready to serve in their communities all across the state. Warrior Family Ministries is forming our First Responders Task Force. Great place to inquire about your services and how to become a Chaplain or be a volunteer. We are getting prepared, so when disaster strikes we respond.

• Warrior Family Church – A place to worship and hear solid biblical truth. A place for everyone to get engaged and make a difference. A place to reach families and individuals who are in need of fellowship, love and encouragement. A place to grow in the love of Christ.This isn’t your normal church, our mission is to equip you so you can be the church outside the walls. Catch the vision starting with Pastor Mike and Kim Satorre, as they share their love of God, family and draw us into a intimate relationship with Jesus.

From farming to harvesting, designing to building, we need you to volunteer and become more than a sideline observer. This is the time to make a difference – we need you. Jay and I along with all our team are looking forward to having you as our guest Sunday, April 3rd as we share our heart with you. This is an exciting time. Come be a part of it all.


Jay & Brenda



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