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Wilmington Response collects donations for relief in Puerto Rico

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) –They’ve sent trucks full of supplies to Houston and Florida, but Wilmington Response is gearing up to make their farthest delivery yet. Nick Hiteshew said several organizations and businesses are teaming up to collect supplies to meet immediate needs in Puerto Rico.

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, millions across the island are left without power and access to running water. Hiteshew said they are collecting food, medical supplies, pet food and pet supplies for people who desperately need them.

Hiteshew said he know recovery efforts will be ongoing, but right now they are looking to provide immediate relief.

“We need to stop thinking about Puerto Rico as Puerto Rico and think about this as a humanitarian effort,” he said, “Forget what state, what country it’s in, do the best that we can to get the supplies and the help they need and let them know we love them and want to help them out the best we can.”

Hiteshew said Warrior Ministries, an organization serving veterans and other members of the community, has partnered with Wilmington Response. Kathy Parker, a chaplain with the organization, said helping in the donation drive is a natural fit for what they stand for. She hopes that the community will keep the people in Puerto Rico in mind as they recover.

“They’re struggling, they’re hurting, and they need our supplies along with our prayers and our thoughts,” she said, “But they definitely need our supplies, and that’s what they’re doing here.”

Hiteshew plans to drive supplies to Georgia over the weekend, where they will be loaded onto a cargo plane leaving for Puerto Rico on Sunday night.

“The response effort from everyone has been phenomenal, but it’s never enough. There’s always so much more needed at different levels,” he said.

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