IMPACTING Families with HOPE

Warrior Family Ministries believes in family. What does that mean to someone who works with us? It means that family comes first – period. We are there for each other, support each other and grow together as we serve our communities. Whether you are an employee or one of our volunteers, we value you.

Love God. Love People. Love Family.




  1. Hi my name is Linda Weinhofer, I am a disabled Veteran, I attend Campbell School of Divinity. I am interested in helping in any area of need. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Health Services Administration with an emphasis on Long-Term Care from the University of Rhode Island. I also have a certificate in Gerontological Social Policies from UMASS Boston. I served for about 5 years in the USN as a hospital Corpsman.
    I have three children and two grandsons. I enjoy reading and sewing in my leisure. I have frequently volunteered at Senior Citizens Centers. I am divorced after 23 years of marriage. I look forward to hearing from you. (910) 518-1115

    • Linda,

      It is so nice to hear from you. Are you currently living in Wilmington? We are in the process of moving into our building, a education center that belongs to a church. Needless to say, there is a lot of cleaning up and out that is currently taking place as we get things organized and moved in. Our hope is to be settled by mid-July. I will most definitely be in touch as soon as the dust clears. Thank you so much for contacting us and I look forward to meeting you. By the way, any particular area of interest you have with us?

      CH Brenda

  2. I am interested in more information from your organization. Currently I am a second year Chaplain Resident at New Hanover regional. I have an MDiv and am working on PhD in Human Behavior.

  3. Hello my name is Judy Johnson I received an email from CH Brenda K. Swartz about being able to get support from your ministry to get my Chaplin credentials I am so excited because I believe I’ve been called by God to serve in this capacity in my life, I have taken Basic Chaplin course and received several other certificates but I haven’t been able to obtain my credentials and get off the sidelines and I really would like to. If you could please send me information on how to join your ministry
    Thanks J. Johnson

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