IMPACTING Families with HOPE

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What does it mean to call Warrior Family Church my home?
To make WFChurch your church home, we encourage commitment to the following for personal growth.

Spend time with God daily
Everything in life flows out of our relationship with God, therefore, the most important thing that you will do on any given day is spend time with God cultivating your relationship with Him. Understand that this begins with a relationship with Jesus Christ. (John 15:5)

Attend services regularly
Our worship experiences are prayerfully designed to encourage you in your love for God, people, and life. They are an essential component to encourage you on the journey of faith. (Hebrews 10:25)

Connect in a Community Group
Community Groups are our weekly small groups that meet in homes throughout our area. Community Groups are a place where people can do life together while growing in relationships through God’s Word.

When we are saved, a spiritual gift is stamped upon our hearts. Scripture is clear that these gifts are meant to be lived out in the context of serving others. As we serve with and for others, relationships are built and life-change occurs. (1 Peter 4:10)

Give Generously
God’s greatest competitor for our hearts is our finances (Matthew 6:21, 24). Returning to God the tithe (the first 10% of our income) is a building block God uses to keep our hearts free from materialism and the starting point for a life of generosity.
God has uniquely positioned you in your home, your community, and your workplace for the purpose of reaching those who are far from God. Our aim is to partner with you in seeing the unreached place their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. (2 Corinthians 5:17-20) Doing Church Outside The Walls.