IMPACTING Families with HOPE

Our Culture – WFChurch

  • Gratitude – We live with and express gratitude. We don’t take for granted what God has allowed us to experience or the people we experience it with.
  • Honor – We communicate honor in conversation, attitudes, and actions. Dishonor is to treat someone as common and of little value. Honor is treating someone as uncommon and with high value.
  • Generosity – We lead the way in generosity in all things time, talent, and resources. Our God is generous to us in Jesus Christ; therefore, we are generous.
  • Excellence – We care about preparation and attention to detail. What we do and how we do it matters to us and to those we serve. God deserves our best for His glory, as do the people we lead.
  • Multiplication – We are not afraid to take bold risks to increase our seating, serving, and sending capacity. Our time is short and too much is at stake to play it safe.